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I don’t even know what the page numbers are for these pages… losing track! But, I do know that I only have two more to go and I will be finished! My son’s book will have two “special” pages just for him, which I will show with the final two that all the books have. Then I just have to put them together and take my final pictures! So exciting… On the the descriptions of these pages.
Camping: I think this page is an original design… (please correct me if I am wrong!). I saw other pages with tee pees, but were a little different. I found the great glow-in-the-dark star buttons when I was shopping and had to think of a way to use them on a page. I decided to make a camping page with flaps to find/count the stars. I also made a tent with zipper and a surprise inside!

This page is also an original, made with my train-obsessed son in mind! I did see a page (somewhere) that had a balloon going up and down. I took that basic idea and turned it into a train on a track. The train can go up and down following the ribbon holding it in place. The train is double layer felt with the ribbon running through a casing in the middle.

I saw this page in a quiet book for sale, but have not seen it in a homemade one. So easy! My mom had made something similar for my niece out of a big block of wood, but this is the flat version. The mouse can go in and out in any order, through the loops sewn on the cheese. I put 10 loops on my cheese, but could easily have put more or less. A good lacing activity for kids two little to actually lace a shoe.

The simple, but popular write/color page and mail box to keep them in. The left side is stocked with a crayon and paper, and the mailbox is hollow.

 You can see more pages HERE.The final Quiet book is shown here 
The girl quiet book version can be seen here.

Looking forward to seeing you around the blog…. don’t be a stranger!
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  1. Love mouse and cheese one. Definitely need to add that to my quiet book!

  2. I love the interactive pages. What a cute idea.

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