Make your own training pants…

Well, not sure whether potty training will work, but we are giving it a go! I had bought some new underwear for Jack, but no training pants. I knew I didn’t want to use pull ups, but wasn’t sure what other route to go…. So, I decided to take some old prefold diapers that I had been using as burp rags and create my own cloth/washable pants. They won’t stop any leaks, but hopefully will absorb enough so that any public accidents won’t be as noticeable…
I started with new underwear and old diapers, then I cut the diapers in half, and folded into threes.
I pinned the diaper inside
Sewed them in using large stitches so I can take it out when this time is over (hopefully soon…)
My finished product! Underwear with a little soaker power!
Looking forward to seeing you around the blog…. don’t be a stranger!
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Emily is a stay at home mom to two crazy boys {which she adores} , one equally crazy daughter and one amazing husband. She loves to sew, but also dabbles in crafting and recipes. Her faith, friends and family keep her going and motivated. Come along for the ride!


  1. Let me know how this goes. I’m not looking forward to potty training.

  2. that is a great idea. i hope it goes well!

  3. What an awesome idea!!!

  4. Ashley @ Eva's says:

    Great idea! May have to try this!

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