FREE Pajama Pattern (4T)

Free Pajama pattern
 So, I love making pajamas! (more on this to come) Here’s (part) of my new summer pj collection. And, lucky for you… today I’m sharing this free pajama pattern with you!
let’s get started!
*disclaimer* this is a free pattern, so it is not perfect! Feel free to leave me constructive critism and I will improve as I can. May be used for all personal/non-profit sewing!
First, print the pattern
 google doc HERE
If using google doc… I am having trouble printing straight from the site… only part of the image prints.
Try this:
1. download first
2. save to your computer
3. print in landscape from computer, not website
4. match lines for shorts
5. sleeve and shirt front/back need to be cut on the fold x2. Shirt patten also needs an additional 6 inches added to the bottom.
Sew the shirt together. Sleeves to front, then sleeves to back (right sides together). With right sides together I sew one long seam from hem of sleeve to bottom of shirt.
 The neck of this pattern needs to be enlarged. There is a lower curve on the pattern as a guide for the front neckline. I usually end up taking a bit off the top of the shoulders as well. Mine looks something like this:
 Make sure to check that it fits over your childs head… I’ve gotten too many shirts all the way finished (including ribbing) only to have the neck too small… yikes!
 I like to pin the ribbing the right side and just zig-zag it on. Easy and no bulky seam at the neck.

 Some tips:
Use original hems whenever possible. This shirt I didn’t have to hem the sleeves.. the red shirt the bottom was original hem.
Use old t-shirts…including the original ribbing.
Try the neck over the head before sewing on ribbing

The shorts are simple!
Sew the front two pieces together at front crotch seam.
Sew the back in the same way.
Sew the crotch inseam next.
Finally, sew the side seams. The front of the shorts will be a bit lower than the back.
If you are adding an applique, sew that on first, much easier.
Hem the shorts and sew an elastic casing around the waist. Tack the elastic in a few places around the waist to prevent rolling.

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